Sommerfugler i rad

Jeg fant noen rammer på loppemarkedet som passet perfekt til
sommerfuglene fra graphics fairy. Jeg skrev også noen
visdomsord på rammen og det passet  veldig fint.
*The Graphics Fairy*


PetraB sa…
I adore your hanging, the butterflies look fab in the frames.
Stella sa…
oh! is really fabulous! is a delicious and very fine work, I love it greetings from Spain!
Your picture frames are beautiful. I enjoyed visiting your beautiful blog and am now a follower. Have a lovely week-end! Pop over and visit me anytime, Robyn x
Thank you soo much!It is soo nice to hear that people like my blog. Hugs from me
Thank you and i love Spain!! I have been there many times!! Thanks for your comment, it warmes my creativ heart:-) Hugs
Thank you! Soo nice of you to say so.Hugs